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Steelpan Improvisation Series (12' vinyl / 33rpm)



Steelpan Improvisation Series "i" (release: SEP, 2012)

A 18:20

B 19:54

Steelpan Improvisation Series "ro" (release: SEP, 2012)

A 21:52

B 17:28

Acoustic Steelpan Improvisation work series. Under the influence of traditional Indian improvised music, Machida has played distinctive improvisation so far. Based on the style, elements of Jazz, twelve-tone and ethnic & folk way are added into these albums. It's an expression of innate characteristic in improvised music: obscurity, limitation and temporality, by "no credit (label), transparent (no colors) limited edition vinyl" release. The tracks doesn't have names. It is a kind of sculpture that reminds of steelpan's clear sound. On side A of Steelpan Improvisation "i", minimal repeated melody (like harmonium) by sine wave functions as a drone that sets up a scale in the piece. On the melody, Machida improvised by steelpan ambiently, with no specific beat. (called alap part in Indian music) As the same as "i", on side A of Steelpan Imporovisation "ro", Machida plays only steelpans, without other sounds. He plays melody, rolling as drone like Tampura. Side B of "i", steelpan sound drifts between Jazzy chords woods by Electric Piano. Side B of "ro", Machida plays very rare low-key Steelpan called Big Mama (made in Germany). These are no-edited tracks. "i", "ro" means Japanese basic letters (for counting), like "A, B, C...".


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