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Music from the SYNTHI



01 SYNTHI n‹23

02 SYNTHI n‹29

03 SYNTHI n‹17

04 SYNTHI n‹01

05 SYNTHI n‹16

06 SYNTHI n‹02

07 SYNTHI n‹26

08 SYNTHI n‹07

09 SYNTHI n‹25

10 SYNTHI n‹04

11 SYNTHI n‹14

12 SYNTHI n‹19

13 SYNTHI n‹30
TOTAL 44:13 (CD / karu:29 / Baskaru / 2014)

This album was made using only EMS SYNTHI AKS, 70s analog modular synthesizer. Released from a French label Baskaru.

"Very refined work of brutality meeting something way softer." - Vital Weekly Mar. 2014
"his electronic music becomes more and more like an alternative acoustic worldc" - PSYCHEMUSIC.ORG Mar. 2014

[text in the CD]
This album was made using only the SYNTHI, a portable modular analog synthesizer, and focuses on only one of that instrument's audio characteristics: organic repetition and phase. SYNTHI was manufactured by Electronic Music Studios (EMS) in London in 1971. The SYNTHI is good at self-generating repeating sounds. It is a generative music machine rather than a keyboard synthesizer like the Minimoog or the ARP Odyssey. My SYNTHI 'AKS' consists of the following modules: three oscillators, a noise generator, two input amplifiers, a ring modulator, a filter (can be an oscillator), a trapezoid envelope generator, a spring reverb unit, 2 stereo output amplifiers with tone control EQ, a joystick controller, a built-in capacitance sensitive keyboard and sequencer ‚œ and 2 loudspeakers, too! These modules are not interconnected. You need to connect each module using a matrix patch panel with resistive pins. You make a patch, like in Max/MSP. Every signal can be routed very flexibly. You can make complicated routing patches like feedback that produces repeating patterns. This e70s synthesizer has the non-linear concept built-in. The speed of cycle and pitch is not so stable. It produces phasing patterns. That is why the SYNTHI's sound is somehow organic. I simply recorded the repeating patterns and mixed 3 to 5 patterns (for one piece) without any editing or effects. I wanted to record rich obscure improvisations as performed by the SYNTHI. Every modulation, reverb, effect like delay, and glitch sound is produced inside the SYNTHI.
Yoshio Machida, 2013


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