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Hypernatural #3



01 Ocean of Memory

02 Camouflage

03 Scene 16: Retrospective Future

04 Scene 05: Bubbles

05 Silhouette

06 Scene 27: Symphony

07 Siesta

08 Hypernatural
TOTAL 53:41 (CD / karu:10 / Baskaru / 2008)

The third part of a sound collage trilogy "Hypernatural series". Pieces by field recording in Africa and Asia, electronics, noise and several instruments with the theme "oblivion". Released from a French label Baskaru.

"beautiful relationship between 'reality' and artifice - The Wire Sep. 2008
"Great record of intelligent and thoughtful electronic music. - The Sound Projector Nov. 2008

[text in the CD]
The Hypernatural series is a collage of sound parts used as meanings and symbols, and an endeavor to express the whole theme of "nature" through correlations between every image and title, between pieces. Inspired by the works of Russell Mills, Ian Walton, Lyall Watson, Annie Dillard, Rupert Sheldrake, and Hidesaburo Hagiwara, I have started making this series in 1997. The theme of volume 1 (self-released in 1999) is "memory in Eastern Asia"; volume 2 (Softl Music, 2001) is about "transparent existence." The last volume (Baskaru, 2008) of the trilogy is about "oblivion."
Oblivion is characteristic of the correlation between matter and time. Oblivion has a positive aspect. It appears as a natural phenomenon in the passage of time, and becomes a factor that makes a new world. Nature consists in a myriad of different "memory/oblivion" cycles. Forecasting is not easy. Because this very complicated nature is fundamentally a "hyper"-existence, anything can happen.
July 2007, Yoshio Machida


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