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01 Kashima (Radiant Woods)

02 Amorphous

03 Vajrapani

04 Pilgrimage

05 A Bird in the Sun

06 Overexposure

07 Underground Pulse

08 Rice Terrace
TOTAL 43:11 (CD / YM9901 / Self-release / 1999)

The first part of a sound collage trilogy "Hypernatural series" about "sound, meaning and image". The theme is "light and memory in Eastern Asia". Including sound of gongs and bells (that is the symbol of light and the sun) mainly, bird singing symbolizing "The Sun" in aincent myth, Miao tribe's song (minority in China), field recordings and electronics. With booklet of paintings, box like camera obscura.

Hypernatural feels genuinely transportive, opening up massive forest areas or tiny devotional paths - The Wire May, 2000


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