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Hypernatural #2



01 Potential

02 Radinat Wind

03 Malaria

04 Afterimage

05 Valley

06 The Polar Light

07 Deep Sound Channel

08 Daydream
TOTAL 40:30 (CD / SOM101 / Softl Music / 2001)

The second part of a sound collage trilogy "Hypernatural series" about "sound, meaning and image". The theme is "transparent exsistance". Using field recording of Malaria field in Ghana, electronics, noise and ethnic instruments. "Afterimage" was used as a soundtrack for French TV spot. Released from Softl Music (under Tomlab), Germany.

"Machida handles it intelligently and sensitively. - The Wire Oct. 2001
"intelligent avant-garde music for the delicate ear - the All-Music Guide 2001

[text in the CD]
Yoshio Machida is a musician and visual artist living in Tokyo. A first CD box set that carried the title "Hypernatural" was released in 1999. The focus of this release, influenced by ancient Asian myth and Sheldrake's theories was the theme of relativity between light and memory and can be seen in close context with the ideas and feelings from his journeys through some Asian countries. The theme of "Hypernatural #2", the sequel of "Hypernatural", is transparent exsistance. With this work Yoshio Machida has been investigating the relativity and the continuity between phenomena in the area of the unconsciousness and the consciousness.
"There isn't whole nature in our consciousness. We can't realize all of the nature. Outside of our consciousness, or in the area of the unconsciousness, there are many remarkable things. These tracks should give us the chance to reach one of the instinctive areas. Onece we dive into the ocean of instinct, we can find something interesting."
"My works are concerned with radiance, echoes and signs suggested by them in landscapes that are entwined with strata of traces (memories). They are also propositions of how we should grasp the natural would, and interpretations of them. The idea behind "Hypernatural" is to feel, enjoy and discover relativity and continuity in this would. In this would the matter is not only listening to the sounds but also feeling something behind the sounds."


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